Exemplification As A Critical Pragmatic Strategy In An American Election Interview

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Prof. Dr. Salih Mehdi Adai Al-Mamoory , Masoumah Abathar Jawad Witwit


This study deals with the use of the psychological strategy of exemplification and different ideological, pragmatic and mind control strategies for being perceived as honest, hardworking, and committed, control and manipulating the minds of the audience and their perceptions of events, besides passing and naturalizing their ideologies and gaining acceptance and legalization for different actions in the Election Interview from a critical pragmatic perspective, with the use of exemplification for gaining different benefits like winning the presidential election, gaining the public acceptance regarding their policies besides passing, naturalizing ideologies like Americanism and legalizing their decisions and actions. This study hypothesizes that Joe Byden uses exemplification tactics, pragmatic, ideological and mind control strategies to gain the impression for gaining the impression of being viewed as honest, self-scarifying and committed to serve the American public for gaining power, dominance and winning the American presidential elections. This study aims at investigating ideological and the types of exemplification strategies exploited by Joe Byden to gain the psychological impression related to exemplification. For attaining the aims and testing its hypotheses, the procedure is analyzing part of Joe Byden’s discourse in this interview based on the model developed for this study.   

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