The Use of Metaphorical Expressions in Jordanian Arabic among Jordanians Living in Irbid District in the North of Jorda

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Ibrahim Abu-Shihab


The present paper investigates the issue of metaphorical expressions used in Jordanian Arabic among Jordanians living in the Irbid district in the North of Jordan. The data have been collected by means of observations and direct interviews. The researcher selected a sample of (30) participants in different ages, gender, and educational background. The results were analyzed based on a descriptive-analytical approach of analyzing texts. The results showed that people in Irbid district use positive and negative connotations in their everyday communication. It has been noted that most of the metaphorical expressions used were taken from the noble Quran, the tradition of Mohammad (peace be upon him), and cultural aspects. The metaphorical expressions are mainly categorized into: animals, food, parts of the human body, speech, and silence.

The results of the study also showed that the speakers of Jordanian Arabic in Irbid district very much like to use metaphorical expressions because they convey their messages and ideas effectively and easily.

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