Child Pornography in India: Issues and Challenges

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Dr. Samir Bhadury


Sex is a divisive subject in the social framework of India, often being linked to immoral and prurient values. Child pornography is a branch of pornography which shows a picture of child and video making a sexual sound with an intention to arise the sexual desire of persons or viewers as well. Such a branches always show a violent picturisation of the children and adolenses who were in pain through watching these children considers the best part of the videos.Often such an industries, take the picturisation of the child in naked body and shoot a video of the child getting involve into the sexual activity and then sale those video in the website as to earn the money from those shouted videos of the child. And today we can find all such video easily in internet as well as in the market  due to the advancement of technology and availability of handy smart phone,   some time a child are forcefully has to embrace  such an activity due to many reason. In this article researcher tries to find out the reasons and legal prospects regarding child pornography in India. Researcher also discuss the judicial pronouncements and legal solution on child pornography.

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