Anticipation And Recall And Their Occupations In The Arts Of The Renaissance

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Tahreer Muhammed Muter ; Iman Amer Nemah


The importance of the research came with a modest contribution to reading the plastic discourse of Renaissance painting in terms of time, and an attempt to analyze the scenes of anticipation and retrieval in the artistic achievement of Renaissance painting in a way that achieves the effective analytical vision of artwork and how the artist deals with artwork through the two concepts of anticipation and retrieval. On(anticipating and retrieving and their work in the arts of the Renaissance) and how they were reflected in the art of the Renaissance through the works of artists for the period(1300 AD - 2400 AD). At the end of the research, there were several conclusions, the most important of which are: The Renaissance was distinguished by moving away from Gothic art and works with flat and two-dimensional shapes with the development of radically new artistic methods. Pictures of the devotional life of the Madonna and the Christ Child are in very large numbers, in realistic, imaginative and symbolic forms. As for the recommendations of the research, they include: - Informing art students, artists, art connoisseurs and critics of this study, given that retrieval and anticipation are two techniques used by the artist in his artistic works. Benefit from the current research in the disciplines approaching the study of this research, such as psychology and literature.

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