Government Challenges In Expanding Urban Green Open Spaces

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Andi Cudai Nur


The background of this research is how to maintain and preserve the environment for the balance of the universe, by expanding green open spaces in urban areas. In order to support sustainable development implemented by the government in urban areas. This research method is a descriptive type with a qualitative approach, the research procedure produces descriptive data that is rich in narrative with written studies derived from interviews, observations and documentation. Based on the five assessment criteria in the policy evaluation, namely personnel, institutional, infrastructure, financial and regulatory resources, it is seen that the achievement of green open space expansion is still low. The government's seriousness in providing green open space is very important, so that the management of green open space can be optimized. Green open space can maintain the quality of the ecosystem, and carry out the sustainability of ecological, social, economic, cultural, and aesthetic processes. The main function of green open space is as a green area that provides benefits for sustainable living. So that in every city, it is hoped that there will be green open spaces with clean, healthy, comfortable open natural environments, and the beauty of their ecosystems is maintained for the general public and future generations.

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