A Study On Professional Ethics Of Higher Secondary School Teachers

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Sheela.S and .Dr.M. Muthamizhselvan


The purpose  of the study was to find out the Professional ethics among the sample of 600 higher secondary school teachers ,selected using random sampling technique from Kanchipuram and Thiruvallur districts in Tamil Nadu. The investigator used normative survey method for the study. Professionalethics scale (2019)validated by the investigator and research supervisor was used for the study.. Mean, Standard Deviation. ‘t’ test, and  ANOVA were used as statistical techniques to analyse the  data. The findings of the study revealed that the teachers had moderate level of professional ethics. No significance difference was found in the Professional ethics  of teachers in terms of gender. Regarding the type of school, Aided school teachers have more professional ethics on the dimension of professional performance, student’s protectiveness, confidentiality, teaching quality and school community than government and self –financing school teachers. Professional ethics of higher secondary school teachers from Kanchipuram district was better  than the teachers from Thiruvallur district on the dimension of  teaching quality and  school community. The study highlighted the importance of professional ethics of teachers to train the students to become the responsible future citizens.

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