Detecting Social Habits Among Students Of Kindergarten Department

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Maryam Muhammad Hussain Al-Shaibani , Asst. Prof.Dr. Raghad Shakib Rashid


Social customs are part of our daily life and are a necessary thing for members of society, so social habits are actions and actions that individuals practice on a daily and recurring basis. Where culture includes all aspects of social customs and the actions and behavior of individuals, as well as all activities and practices carried out by individuals in society. . Therefore, the researcher dealt with the study of revealing the social habits of the students of the kindergarten department, which aimed to:

- Identifying the social habits of kindergarten students.

 To achieve the objectives of the research, the researcher built a scale, (Social Habits), after following the scientific steps in building it.

The items of the Social Habits Scale amounted to (25) items, while it was applied to a sample of (250) female students in the Kindergarten Department. After collecting the data and processing it statistically by means of the statistical package (SPSS), the researcher reached the following results:

The kindergarten students have social habits.

In light of the results of the research, the researcher put some recommendations, the most important of which are:

1 .Guiding the students to practice the social customs that support their culture and achieve social harmony for them.

2.Providing an awareness program for female students that provides guidelines that will work to educate female students about good habits.

A set of suggestions:

1-Conducting studies aimed at measuring the social habits of social groups other than that of the kindergarten students, which were covered by the research, and introducing other variables.

2-Conducting a similar study in other universities and applying it to both sexes.

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