Yoga based Ocular Exercise (Trataka): The Scriptural and Scientific Review

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Kumar Senthil, Britto John


In this study, ancient texts and contemporary research findings are analysed to gain a better understanding of Yoga-based ocular exercise (Trataka). Our search terms included Trataka, yogic visual concentration, yoga eye exercise and Yoga ocular exercise. Based on the inclusion and exclusion criteria, a search of references published between 1924 and August 2021 yielded 22 articles. The limited studies demonstrated a positive effect on the regulation of autonomic functions, the enhancement of cognitive functions, the reduction of eye-related discomfort and ailments, and the enhancement of happiness and mental calmness. Regarding myopia and refractive error, trataka had no impact. The method itself was not consistent across all of the studies, and it differed from the scriptural description. The researcher has included a number of modifications and additions to the traditional methods. This technique's authenticity must be preserved. The internal mechanism of trataka is concerned with the process of attention and guides the practitioner to the higher levels of yogic state.

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