The impact of Technology adoption on Customer Satisfaction in Banking Sector in Jordan

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Ayman Mansour, Yanal Mansour, Dmaithan Almajali, Tha’er Majali, Raeda Jamal Saa’da, 6Qais Hammouri


Technology expansion nowadays is reshaping business growth and businesses will be able to fully exploit new technology and reap the benefits of doing so by adopting new technology. But Technology adoption requires more than just putting technology to work; it also entails successfully integrating new technology into the organization. Therefore, like any sector Technology has a significant impact on the banking sector as well. Banks are constantly focusing on customer satisfaction as they seek to exceed expectations, as well as keeping an eye on their clients' needs and aspirations. So, the purpose of this study was to identify the impact of technology adoption on customer satisfaction in the banking sector in Jordan by identifying the key factors that have an important impact on customer satisfaction in the banking sector as a result of the adoption of technology in the banking sector in Jordan. In addition, this study has discussed and analyzed the challenges that banks in Jordan might deal with when adopting technology. Also, it identified what technology and method is best to be adopted by the banking sector in order to maintain customer retention and satisfaction. At a first step, the researcher identified the terms and keywords for better understanding of the study. The study is based on a qualitative approach in order to achieve the study’s aims and objectives. After that the researcher has analyzed the secondary data from previous several articles and studies that are relevant to the objective of this study.

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