Harmony in the Workplace and Job Autonomy: An Empirical Study

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Dr. Ammar Zwain, Noorulhudanabih


This paper aims to determine the degree to which harmony in the workplace affects job independence at the National Bank of Iraq (NBI). The study used random sample method by distributing (173) questionnaire forms electronically to the target community represented by NBI employees. The findings of the study showed a direct impact between the dimensions of harmony in the workplace and the job independence The dimension of self-harmony in functional independence, which provides a positive work environment, can provide a strong incentive to perform tasks and complete them in the required manner. This commitment reinforces the empowerment of management for working individuals and grants them the freedom to make decisions and determine their methods of work on their own. Harmony with the administration contributes to enhancing functional independence, because of the freedom and confidence it can provide, affecting the way work is arranged, tasks are scheduled, and the style and methods of their achievement. It can also affect the dimension of harmony at the level of the organization by following the ethical rules and ensuring the openness and transparency of operations, which ensures the generation of trust that leads to independence. Therefore, the study made some recommendations and proposals to be taken in the future studies in this field.

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