Foundation and Philosophical-Epistemological Characteristics of Rationality in the Thoughts of Shahid Motahhari

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Seyed Amin Taghavi Far , Hamed Ameri Golestani , Shiva Jalalpour , Hamed Mohagheghnia


Rationality has a special place in the thoughts of Shahid Motahhari. The breadth of components and the multiplicity of characteristics of rationality in Shahid Motahhari's thoughts, along with its comprehensiveness, have led to its capability, finesse and accuracy. Thus, the major aim of this article is to present the characteristics of rationality in the Shahid Motahhari's ideas. This research is a qualitative study using note-taking for data collection and descriptive-analytical methods for data analysis. In this research, by highlighting the terminology of reason and thought, the initial stage and characteristics of rationality are described to determine its work and function. This article intends to explain the main dignity and position of rationality for application in various philosophical, social and political issues. This article signifies the radical differences between Shahid Motahhari' thoughts and the ideas of Aristotle and Plato as well as the intellectual currents of sensuality and rationalism.

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