A New Insight On MBA Students Learning Sustainability After Post- Covid Using PREZI Software Through The E 3P 2 Framework

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Dr.S.Lara Priyadharshini , J.Divya Lakshmi , Dr.R.Karpagam


This research paper expects to analyze the impact of PREZI software on Emotional Intelligence, Evocation, Enthusiastic Engagement, Paradigm, and Psychomotor Learning among MBA students. PREZI is the online software tool that is used for creating and storing a digital presentation. The hypotheses framed for this research study were tested using confirmatory factor analysis and SEM. 384 MBA students’ data were collected and findings suggest that PREZI has positive and significant influence on enthusiastic engagement (β=0.300), Paradigm (β=0.593), Emotional Intelligence (β=0.560), Psychomotor Learning (β=0.657), and Evocation (β=0.527) in which the paradigm, psychomotor learning, and emotional intelligence influenced more by PREZI. The research findings determined that the role of PREZI software in improving the learning sustainability among MBA students affords novel and remarkable insight for the development of new learning pedagogy. It has practical implications for educational policymakers and educationalists provoking learning sustainability, especially after post covid.  

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