Mobile commerce usage explained by intention to use, price motivation, and Covid-19

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Marina Isabel Sánchez Sánchez, Virginia Guadalupe López Torres, Yorberth Montes de Oca Rojas, Sandra Nelly Leyva-Hernández


The objective of this research is to analyze the effects of price motivation, intention to use, and Covid-19 on the use of m-commerce by the Mexican population in the aftermath of the pandemic. A cross-sectional study was designed to explore the perception of performance expectancy, effort expectancy, social influence, hedonic motivation, facilitating conditions, perceived risk, and tradition in a sample of 864 people living in northern Mexico. Perceptions were collected through a 6-point Likert scale survey with a combination of items adapted and created from the literature whose version was validated by experts and a pilot study. The statistical technique used was structural equation modeling (PLS-SEM). The results obtained reflect that Covid-19 and intention to use directly influence the use of m-commerce; however, no evidence was found to prove the effect of price motivation on the use of m-commerce. The results may prove valuable to entrepreneurs by providing knowledge about customers that they can capitalize on through strategies to increase sales through m-commerce.

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