Environmental education programs and the formation of inquiry competencies in Peruvian students

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María Estela Manco-Villaverde, Judith Soledad Yangali-Vicente, José Luis Rodríguez-López


The last standardized evaluations in basic education showed disappointing results, evidencing the need for science education through innovative programs related to the context as part of the students' integral formation. This study examined the influence of the Scientific Inquiry Methodological Strategies (SIMS) program on the achievement of competencies and academic performance in 840 high school students from an educational institution in Cañete, Lima, Peru. A quantitative approach was adopted, with an experimental design and a longitudinal quasi-experimental sub-design, with a pre-and post-test for both groups, to evaluate the achievement of inquiry competencies after the application of the MSSI; obtaining that the MSSI did contribute significantly to the development of competencies in Science and Technology (ST) and the improvement of school performance, through experimental and simulated activities and the use of technological resources and materials in the daily environment.

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