The Effect of Technology Use and Social Media on Lifestyle and Cultural Changes

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Sururin Sururin, Mukhshon Nawawi, Imam Subchi, Ilham Maulana Amyn, Siti Ummi Masruroh


Social media helps individuals quickly create and share content globally. The existence of social media has influenced social life in society. The impact of social media on educational institutions has a very broad influence on the lifestyle and culture of the community, especially students. The impact of media in both developed and developing countries is increasingly admired for reasons such as social and social welfare. The social media has made people's behavior patterns experience a shift in culture, ethics, and existing norms. Indonesia, with a large population with diverse cultural and religious diversity, has a lot of potential for socio-cultural change for its people. Information and Communication Technology is the application of knowledge and skills used by humans to convey information or messages with the aim of helping solve human problems or social activities in order to achieve communication goals. However, the use of social media and technology has a great impact on the lifestyle and socio-cultural of its users. This study uses quantitative research methods, the research instruments using questionnaire with about 100 samples were purposely involved. The data were analyzed using Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) method. This study aims to examine the impact of social media on the social lifestyle of female students. The findings show that stakeholder perspectives related to lifestyle and culture are influenced by interests and actions can affect lifestyle in terms of technology and action and belief factors contribute to influencing a person's interests and influencing his lifestyle.

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