Analysis Comparison Gravity Model And O-D Survey

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Chairul Insani Ilham, Irwan, Doharman Lumban Tungkup, Arman Harahap


Gravity theory is rarely used to predict the spread of travel from one zone to another zone. This is due to several weaknesses from the results of the analysis, as for several factors that affect the accuracy of the analysis of the spread of this trip, such as economic growth, technological progress, and political fluctuations. However, in the province of Aceh Darussalam, this theory was used and also tried by comparing the results of the origin- destination survey in the same year, and the results showed that the distribution was around -10% < X < 10% which statistically for the transportation sector is still recognized. Therefore, the results of this study are still used for policies on developing sea transport routes and Ferries Transport in Aceh Darussalam Province. In order to optimize the role of regional feeder ports to increase economic growth in Aceh Province in accordance with activities at regional feeder ports and applicable regulations.

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