The impact of Arabic dialects on enriching the waqf phenomenon

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Hanan Hussein Hassan , Prof. Walaa Sadiq Mohsen , Prof. Walaa Sadiq Muhsin


In this research I studied an important sound change related to Using the speaker to reach ease, ease and lightness, which is the endowment , and I tried to collect the scattered parts of the subject in various dialects . In our modern dialects, and is there a common factor between what the ancient Arabic dialects brought and what we have brought today, and I strengthened my research by rooting this phenomenon in the dialects of the Arabian Peninsula, ( Semitic languages ) and reached important results, including that there are common points between the arrival of This phenomenon is found in various dialects, which confirms that it is a phonetic and dialectal phenomenon , and the phonetic linguistic change has been closely related to the dialectical development, as it is a phonetic phenomenon, as well as being Dialect is like many phonetic phenomena.

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