Bullying At The Workplace As A Mediating Variable Between Narcissistic Leadership Organizational Cynicism - An Exploratory Study In A Selected Sample In Kufa Cement Factory

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Zaid Abdulzahra Jaffar , Mohammed Saleh Mahdi , Hadeel Muhammad Ali Abdul Hadi


The aim of this study is to highlight the importance of Bullying at the workplace as a mediating variable between the narcissistic leadership , organizational cynicism in the Iraqi industrial sector. The research adopted a descriptive and analytical approach by survey methods and data collection using questionnaire and interview tools. The study sample consisted of employees from Kufa cement plant and company's headquarters. A random sample of (67) individuals has been chosen. Effective statistical approaches have been implemented using path analysis and structural equation modeling. The study drew a range of findings, the most important of which is that the reduction of the negative effects of narcissistic leadership tends to minimize Bullying at workplace and is a positive reflection of organizational cynicism.

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