Strategic Momentum as an Effective Tool to Reduce Ostracism in the Workplace (Analytical study of a sample of employee opinions of the Najaf Refinery)

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Safa Muhammed Hassan Gabr , Professor Dr. Hashim Fawzi Dabbas Alabadi


Purpose: The purpose of this thesis is to identify the strategic momentum and its role in reducing neglect in the workplace.

Design - Methodology - Entry: A structured questionnaire will be used to collect data by employees of the Najaf refinery, The population of our current study represented the owners of the Najaf refinery, which numbered (800), and the research sought to test a number of hypotheses related to the relationships of influence and the correlation between the research variables represented by strategic momentum and ostracism in the workplace. The data was processed through statistical methods using the program (SPSS).

Conclusion: The results of the statistical analysis of the data collected through the questionnaire tool prepared for this purpose, in addition to the theoretical conclusions, including the ability of the Najaf refinery to reduce ostracism in the workplace among its employees through strategic momentum.

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