The Most Common Sports Injuries Among The Athletes Of Judo In The South Of Jordan

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Prof. Motasim Mahmoud Shatnawi


This study aimed at identifying the most common sports injuries among the athletes of Judo in the south of Jordan, in addition to the most anatomical sites that are exposed to injury. The study sample consisted of (100) athletes from the Judo clubs in the South of Jordan, who were selected randomly. The researcher used the descriptive approach due to its compatibility to the study nature and objectives. The questionnaire was used to collect data and (SPSS) was used to analyze the study data. The results revealed that the most commonly exposed body organs to injuries in the sport of Judo are the muscles, the most exposed site among the athletes of judo is the back, the most common type of sports injuries among the judo athletes is dislocation, and that the most common sports injuries among the athletes of judo occurred during competitions.

In the light of the results, the study recommended the necessity of the existence of a therapist who is specialized in sports injuries with the team in order to reduce the complications of sports injuries and treating them.

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