Rhetorical Question Of Cultural Leaders Of Minangkabau

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Aprili Yanti , Khairina Nasution , Oktavianus , Muliadi


This study aims to identify the value and function of rhetorical questions that are widely used by Minangkabau traditional leaders. A rhetorical question is a language style inherent in Minangkabau culture, and it has a high aesthetic value as well as is rich in philosophical meaning. The language style of Minangkabau culture is closely related to metaphorical values that require a deep understanding of cognition to be understood by the interlocutors. Indigenous leaders are aware of their role as customary holders who control the ins and outs of Minangkabau tradition. They possess linguistic intelligence in a specific style that lets them have good verbal communication as well as acceptance in guiding their people. The results show that the speakers used a lot of multi-question patterns in a statement. These were not short answers and not counterclockwise patterns, but their meaning indicates affirmation, criticism, warning, advice, pride, and religion. Each question has metaphorical lexical in showing language politeness.

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