Behavioural Intention Towards Cryptocurrency Adoption Among Students: A Fintech Innovation

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T. Ramachandran, M. Stella


Despite being one of the most rapidly developing digital assets in the current day, cryptocurrency investments are still of dubious appeal. Therefore, the present study aims to study the behavioural intention of Generation Z Indians of university post-graduate students towards investment in cryptocurrencies. The theory of planned behaviour has been applied to analyse behavioural intention to adopt cryptocurrency. Attitude toward behavioural intention relates to the extent to which an individual recognizes the benefits or drawbacks of performing the behaviour. The data was collected from 480 respondents using a structured questionnaire and utilized a five-point Likert scale. The data has been analysed using Smart PLS 3 and performed the structural equation model. The study reveals that attitude, awareness, and perceived behavioural control were significantly influencing the behavioural intention to adopt cryptocurrency and subjective norms were negatively insignificant towards behavioural intention.

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