Analyzing Viewpoint of students of University of Jammu towards the Use of Social Networking Sites

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Sahil Bains


The paper explores the viewpoint of the students of the University of Jammu towards the utilization and usage of social networking sites. Utilizing the social networking sites for various purposes like entertainment, education, socialization, etc. is very common among the masses. A social networking site is an internet based platform that is often used to exchange information, support communication and socialization. To facilitate the purpose of the study, a survey was conducted using the questionnaire method and it was created by using the Google forms.
The data collected from the respondents was examined and the results obtained shows how the students of the University of Jammu make use of social networking sites to get their needs fulfilled, the purpose of using such sites and their competency level. It also reveals the information retrieving ability of the students from social networking sites and satisfaction level with retrieved information.

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