Effects of Audit Fees on the Relationship Between Audit Risk Capital Structure and Financial Performance of Companies Listed on the Market for Alternative Investment (MAI)

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Dr. Premarat Vilalai


This research aims to study the effect of audit fees in relation to audit risk, capital structure and financial performance of small to medium-sized companies with higher growth prospects listed on the Market for Alternative Investment (MAI). The objective of studying the aforementioned companies is to observe and analyze financial performance and how audit risks affect audit fees. The population and sample groups used in this study were companies listed on the MAI, and data used in the study was collected from 2018 - 2020, totaling 444 firm years. Descriptive statistical analysis and multiple regression statistical analysis were used to examine the data. The results of the study found that an increase in the unconditional opinion of the auditor results in an increase in the audit fee. Including if using the services of a large audit firm, capital structure, and the size of the business increases, resulting in an increase in examination fees and the increase in financial performance resulting in a decrease in the audit fee, it was evident that the audit risk capital structure and financial performance have a real impact on audit fees.

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