Concept, Essence and Significance of Social Partnership in the General History of Law

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Cholponbay Karynov, Kunduz Jylkichieva, Maksat Makambay, Nurmira Omukeeva, Victor Gerasko, Zhypargul Abdullaeva


The article is investigating different positions in relation to the concept, essence and significance of social partnership institution in general law theories, reveals the conceptual basis of social partnership as a specific type of public relations. For Kyrgyzstan at the present stage the social partnership system development acquires a special significance not only as a beneficially affecting factor the country social stability, but also as the most important condition for dynamic economic development. The Institute of Social Partnership occupies a leading place in the labor relations regulation system in many countries in the world. Together with that, in world science and practice, there is a clear definition for category "social partnership".

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