Multidimensional scale to measure the determinants of labor abandonment derived from the pandemic in the Mexican manufacturing sector

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Mónica Lorena Sánchez Limón, Enrique Ismael Meléndez Ruiz, Francisco Rafael León Cavero, José Cayetano Vergaray Huamán


The present study aims to develop a scale to evaluate the different psychological consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, mainly fear of infection, burnout, intention to quit, stress, and its possible adverse effects on the preparation for return to work in the average Mexican worker. A total of 594 valid questionnaires were collected from workers of legal age from different industries. The methodology used for the statistical treatment of the data consisted of an exploratory factor analysis showing that the items used are structured similarly to their theoretical antecedents, while a confirmatory analysis allowed validation of their multidimensionality. The results indicate that the proposed scale proved to be adequate to measure the phenomena described, which could allow the development of strategies to consider these psychological elements within the strategic planning of companies.

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