Policy Complexity of Agrarian Reform in Coastal Regions: An Effort to Realise Social Welfare

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Nanang Sri Darmadi, Arief Hidayat, FX. Adji Samekto


The pattern of deprivation of the living space of coastal communities is manifested in various faces, namely reclamation projects, coastal mining, marine and tourism projects. Here we can see the failure of the State in articulating the concept of agrarian reform because the idea is only understood and applied in the practice of distributing or granting land certificates. In contrast, agrarian reform must dare change the land ownership structure both on land and at sea. Reform policy agrarian will lead to a  conflict in agrarian activities that are detrimental to society. This study aims to analyse the dynamics of agrarian reform policies in coastal areas of Indonesia, the complexity of agrarian reform policies in coastal areas, and how the State must continue to ensure the welfare of the people. This research is legal research with qualitative research methods and normative. The study results show that land as a source of livelihood for all living things is part of natural preservation that needs to be preserved, preserved and protected. Development that will be carried out must pay attention to balance, preservation of nature, the environment, and living things around. With the management areas on the coast through agrarian reform policies, the State has been present to manage existing resources to achieve the realisation of social welfare in which there is justice and prosperity for the people.

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