Legal Fragmentation Of Iraqis Forest Legislations, A Case Study Of Adoption The Forest Management Under United Nation Framework Convention Of Climatic Change (UNFCCC) And Biological Diversity (UNCBD)

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Ali Sadik Thajb , Haslinda Mohd Anuar , Zainal Amin Ayub


It is widely known that there has been a large expansion in the international environmental law on forest management, especially those under United Nation Convention on Climatic Change UNFCCC and Untied Nation Convention on Biological Diversity UNCBD. Thus, the multiple objectives of both conventions reflected on the national level Iraq. Iraq has been enacted several legislations on forest management in term of compliance to the said conventions. This leads to statues of fragmentation of legal instrument concerning forest sector in this country, also this leads to overlap of legislations on specific subject matter which cause the trade-off in the application of their policy. This prone to reconsider their overlapped mandate on forest sector should be integrated to avoid the trade-off. This Article build on idea of integration, where multiple legislations on forest can be harmonies to make the different objectives inherited in the international instrument workable on national level of Iraq, and this claim us to analysis these laws.

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