Employing Nature And Establishing Social Identities In Green Advertisements: A Review Article

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Marwa Zakaria Abdel Rahman El-Sheikh , Nahwat Amin El-Arousy , Amany Abdel Moneim El-Shazly


Since ecology can be exploited by advertisers and corporations as a means to persuade consumers to purchase their products and services, the aim of this article is to explore ways through which nature is incorporated in green advertisements as a manipulative marketing tool to promote commodities and services. Images of attractive natural sceneries can influence the viewers by stimulating favourable emotions, which become associated with the advertised product. In addition, the interplay of images and texts, which convey environmental messages, can shape the ideologies of the recipients of green advertisements and influence their cognition by prompting the construction of specific mental representations. The article also focuses on showing how particular social identities are fostered by means of these nature-based advertisements, parallel to the global tendency to pursue a green lifestyle. Through the reviewed literature, this article aims at providing a comprehensive review of green advertising to pinpoint research gaps for further research in this area.

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