The Russian-Ukrainian War, Who Is Superior, And Indonesia's Political Stance

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The Ukrainian military is much weaker than the Russian military. The imbalance of Russian-Ukrainian military power both on land and in the air, especially in the sea where Russia has 10 times the number of Navy personnel, is related to Indonesia's political stance which is free and active, free to be interpreted as free in determining attitudes with the international community and not taking sides with any of the bloc, Indonesia's constitutional foundation is the 1945 Constitution and related to a free and active foreign policy is also stated in the Preamble of the 1945 Constitution, the first paragraph which reads "Independence is the right of all nations and the fourth paragraph which reads and the fourth paragraph "Join implement a world order based on freedom, eternal peace and social justice. The purpose of this study is expected to be able to study and analyze the Russian-Ukrainian War who is superior, and Indonesia's political attitude, and Indonesian Political Attitudes. As for the benefits of this research academically, this research is useful related to the Russian Ukrainian War who was superior, andIndonesian political attitudes, while theoretically, this research can enrich the literature in terms of the study of the Russian-Ukrainian war who was superior, and Indonesian political attitudes

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