A Basic Outline Of Iprs Laws With Cyber Law: An Indian Perspective

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Dr. Nituja Singh , Mr. Sandeep Suman , Mr. Sahil


Intellectual Property Rights i.e., IPRs is an advance or developed form of the legal concept ‘right’. It is completely of civil nature. Meaning to say that it protects rights of individual legal person or a group of persons as well as it determines or fixes the legal duty of others towards the intellectual property right’s holder. In another word, IPR deals only with the civil rights and duties. Only under exceptional circumstances there are penal statutory provisions. But, because of such exceptional circumstances the basic nature of IPRs could not be said to be penal.

Cyber law is the name of that set of rules/norms or provisions that does not only protect the rights of persons rather it also deals with the criminal aspect of the legal system. Because of the emergence of e-form of human life or say digital tool/devices use and dependency of life, Cyber law has made space in all most every aspect of human life.

IPRs and cyber law are two different and distinguish steam of law but there are so many connecting factors between IPRs and Cyber Law that it creates a kind of confusion to law-beginners.

This paper is designed to explore the basic understanding of IPRs and cyber law firstly as independent set of law and then to find out all connecting threads that fused IPRs and Cyber law with each other.

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