Midwife's Legal Compliance For Improving Health Services

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Alip Rahman , Endang Sutrisno , Rois Harliyanto , MCs. Inge Hartini


The development carried out by the Government in the health sector is based on the values ​​of creating a healthy and productive society guided by the awareness of rights and obligations as citizens. The study concerns how to develop aspects of legal compliance to improve health services, in terms of the license to practice midwives, this research is able to explain the legal compliance of midwives. The research approach is juridical - normative. Finding study midwife's legal compliance with practice licensepositively influenced by work discipline factors, work facilities factors and work motivation factors of midwives. This means that the higher the work discipline, work facilities and work motivation factors of midwives, the higher the legal compliance with applicable minimum service standards, this is intended to improve health services to the community by paying attention to applicable legal norms. Legal awareness and legal compliance of midwives in the end have many components that can determine this, even though on the other hand it has been normatively regulated through statutory products or other legal provisions.

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