A Study Consumer Perception Towards Discounts And Stockout With Reference To Online Indian Designer Ethnic Wear Retailer

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Shivkumar Belli , Suchismita Chakraborty


Creating a marketplace similar to Amazon, Airbnb, or Lyft is a bold and intriguing concept. Marketplaces have come a long way and are now thriving but it also comes with many challenges.  Every online business has their distinctive requirements, in terms of product categories, commission, offers and more.  This paperfocused mainly on the issues of stockouts and failure in orders fulfilment which affects the consumer’s overall shopping experience. It is very essential to develop the right approach that meets the needs of the business and also with the customer’s expectations. This study adopted descriptive research design and revealed the impact of price promotions on consumers’ decision-making process and their reactions to challenges like stockouts. The study contributed to the expanding conversation about how online shoppers respond to supply chain challenges.

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