Semantic Functions Of The Imperative In The Qura’n Hilali And Khan’ Interpretation The Noble Qura’n (Case Study)

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Yousef Mahmoud Sawalha


This research conducts the translation of the meanings of the Holy Qura’n done by Al-Hilali and Khan 1996. It examines how the mentioned translation deals with the imperative verses occurred in the Qura’n. The imperative verses addressing the Mushrekin pagans, Munafegin hypocrites and Ahl- Alkitab the people of the previous Holy Books are aimed to be discussed through this paper. Perspective study are to be implemented hereunder. This aim should be achieved through consulting a group of highly recognized resources.

Results indicates that the multi functions of the imperative verses were not faithfully reflected from source text into target text except for few couple examples as shown. However, some verses -as will be shown- are functionally reflected properly. Finally, whereas the translation understudy hasn’t paid enough attention to the functions of imperative verses, the researcher comments and suggests closer translation. The study suggests more research to reveal other variables that may affect the functional meaning of the Holy Qura’n.

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