The Effect Of Blended Learning Model With Metacognitive Strategy On Mathematics Ability And Self-Regulated Learning Of Elementary School Students

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Mahpudin , Achmad Dardiri , Dwi Siswoyo


This research is motivated by the low ability of mathematical understanding and self-regulated learning of school students in learning mathematics. This study aims to determine the effect of the blended learning model with metacognitive strategies on the mathematical understanding ability and self-regulated learning of elementary school students. The method used in this research is the experimental method with the object of research 30 elementary school students. The results showed (1) Students who received learning through blended learning with metacognitive strategies experienced an increase in their mathematical understanding ability better than students who learned through conventional learning. (2) Increasing the self-regulated learning of students who receive blended learning is better than students who receive conventional learning. Blended learning has a positive impact on students' enthusiasm for learning mathematics because formulating learning techniques is very fun, so students don't feel bored when studying the material.

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