Positive School Psychology To Achieve Better Mental Health

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Eni Amaliah , M. Bisri Mustofa , Okta Reni Azrina RA , Reza Nawafella Alya Parangu , Rahmat Iqbal


The story of a teenager who hanged himself in a cupboard some time ago has saddened the community. This case is only one in thousands or even millions of people out there, having life problems, not being able to support it alone and not knowing where to go to seek help. Eventually committing suicide or becoming a patient in a psychiatric hospital. Learning from the case of Rangga, who chose the path to end his life because he harbored family problems but had difficulty finding a way to express it to others, only to keep himself. Signs of psychological problems actually exist. However these signs have not been noticed as a serious problem, so there is no further action to help him. This situation is plural in ordinary people, because of the limited knowledge about mental health so it hinders the ability to recognize signs of disorder, when is the right time to get professional help and where the help can be obtained. This is a portrait of our current mental health.  Another fact from the Ministry of Health report states that approximately 57 thousand people who have a mental disorder in Indonesia are moderate or have experienced shackling. The condition is also another piece of the reality concerning the disorganized mental health system. Health promotion and education has not been able to make the community have adequate mental health knowledge. The system has also not been able to provide services for all levels of society. Limited number of service providers and professionals, high costs and access to services are the main issues in the service system. It is urgent and important for policymakers in this country to pay attention to this issue.

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