How Worth Education Is: A Case Of Faculty Of Education, Universitas Terbuka

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Dodi Sukmayadi , Ajat Sudrajat , Ujang Jamaludin , Ipah Ema Jumiati


There are indeed many notable and to some extent very reasonble doubt as to the worth of education. That education is only a waiting room where all around it gets transformed or revolutionize. And that is in global and local level. This paper argued contrariwise or at least showing that education is worth taking effort to make a person or nation to be smarter and wise (‘cerdas’). The methodological views of this paper is that of Habermasian critical theory ‘to study the world in order to change it’. However, this paper is basically ‘a quite advanced islamic-Nietzschean study’ in the hope that in the not so far future, its results could be implemented in real life. In Islamic-Nietzschean perspective, it is not knowledge or education if it cannot lead to action. That it is now time for knowledgable action, for praxis. Phenix-Adler-Islamic view show what praxis it could be. On the ways to it, the three levels of Hamilton-Habermasian is recited, while Illich classic ‘deschooling society’ is also noted.

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