The poLitical Crime From The Perspective Of Various Models Of Criminal Policy Governing Criminal Systems

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Mehrdad Soleimanfallah , Abdolvahid Zahedi , Bagher Shamloo , Rouhallah Fouroozeh


The political crime has a long history in legal systems and has always become a challenge between governments and perpetrators of these batch of crimes.The political crime or many components including criminal policies governing the society, security, principles of constitution and civil freedoms stated in the constitutions of countries,The mutual rights of governance and society and rulling ideology have been relevant, and the legal or legislative process of this crime has bee faced with many issues and problems in criminal systems.In this paper, we began to examine the attitudes of various legal systems based on  the considerable models of criminal policy in the countries and the international criminal system and the attitude of countries' criminal policy models on the nature of political crime.

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