A Systematic Literature Review On Career Success: An Analysis Of Definition, Measurement, Theoretical Perspectives And Future Research

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Mamat Supriatna , Amirul Hazmi Hamdan , & Eka Sakti Yudha


Career success research is like a snowball, shown by the increasing number of publications of conceptual and empirical studies every year. Although studies of career success continue to evolve, very few studies have evaluated and synthesized these findings. Therefore, this study aims to fill the gap by analyzing and synthesizing the definition of career success, career success measurement tools, theoretical framework, and recommendations for future research. Systematic Literature Review was adopted as the research method with analysis and synthesis of 31 career success articles. Six databases are used: Springer Link, Science Direct, Sage Journals, Emerald Insight, Eric, and Taylor & Francis. The inclusion criteria in this study are (1) articles starting from the last ten years, namely 2012-2021, (2) There are the term "career success" in the title, abstract, or keywords, (3) Articles that have gone through peer review, review and published (4) Using English and (5) empirical or conceptual articles. The study findings highlight career success as both a process and an outcome. various measuring instruments and main theories are used as research references. Recommendations for future studies include expanding the definition of career success in adolescence, developing career success instruments, testing major theories, and developing intervention models to improve career success.

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