Preliminary Study To Enhance Mathematical Creativity In Non-Routine Mathematics Problem Solving Among Primary School Students

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Chandra Sinniah , Abdul Halim Abdullah , Sharifah Osman


The aim of this study is to find out the level of achievement of non-routine problem in Geometry and level of mathematical creativity among primary school students. In the study, quantitative and qualitative data were collected through tests and interviews with teachers. This study is a part of research design to develop a learning strategy that can enhance mathematical creativity in non-routine mathematical problem solving among primary school students. A sample of 15 students of Year Five participated in this study. The researcher of this study developed a mathematical creativity test and non-routine problem solving test. Apart from this, an interview was conducted on three experienced mathematics teachers.  A descriptive analysis of data reveals that the level of mathematical creativity and non-routine problem solving are below the average level. From the teacher’s perspective, students can’t perform well when solving non-routine problem solving due to lack of creative thinking in mathematics.  

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