Teachers Beyond Walls: Examination Of The Job Satisfaction Of Home-Based Virtual Teachers

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One of the arguments often brought against theories of job satisfaction is that there is little account made on the differences between people as far as personal variables are concerned.  This study investigated some of these variables such as age, sex, civil status, and educational attainment.  It described the job satisfaction level and the respondents’ personal variables and tried to see the differences in the respondents’ job satisfaction level as affected by these variables. The results show that the respondents are generally at a “satisfied” level on their jobs, however, they are “dissatisfied” with how their employers relate to them, and the implementation of policies as far as their jobs are concerned.  The study further revealed that there is no significant difference in the job satisfaction levels of the respondents when grouped according to some profile variables.  Meanwhile, the researcher recommends that foreign online education companies should consider reviewing and make necessary revisions on their employee-employer relationship guidelines to their home-based virtual English teachers.  It is also recommended that our policymakers here in the country should consider the specific rights and benefits that online worker like home-based virtual English teachers deserve to have on the labor code of the country.

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