Poor-Man Injection-Compression Moulding Technique

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Vatchara Layluk , Kittiphat Rattanachan


This research is aimed to find the economical technique to increase the backing pressure in injection-compression moulding (ICM) of a PMMA lens. The ICM possess advantages for lens and optical parts such as reduced warping of finish lens, reducing residual stress and improving lens clearity. But the ICM machine is very expensive. So the researcher tried to including an actuator such as hydraulic, pneumatic and/or mechanic system into the injection mould. The actuator is operated likely the compression functionality of injection-compression machine. This name “Poor-man Injection Compression Moulding Technique” In this research work, the systematic design was used as a guideline to design the mould with the actuator inside. The Moldex 3D software was simulated the flow and fluid dynamics of ICM within the mould cavity before mould prototyping. The experimental results are accordingly to FEM result. This research demonstrates, that technique could be possibly to use in the PMMA lens manufacturing.

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