A Review Of The Contribution Of Youth To Sustainable Development And The Consequences Of This Contribution

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Bosco Ekka , Dr. G. Albin Joseph , Prince Verma , Dr. Harishchander Anandaram , Dr. Mohd Aarif


In an economy, young people are the most dynamic and adaptable group, and they are a major source of innovation and creativity. This study aims to draw a link between sustainable development and the interests of youth. The role of young people in a country's progress and prosperity is a significant focus of this inquiry. The researchers have done a lot of reading, and that's what researcher is using to build our interpretive structural model (ISM). A method that encourages researchers to examine a wide range of variables to see how they relate is used. This study presents a hierarchical view of the numerous ways in which young people may contribute to sustainable development. According to academics, this poll sheds light on the link between sustainability and youth. Based on comprehensive literature research, ISM methodology, and the interplay between many parts of the idea of youth contribution towards sustainable development, it also identifies crucial factors that have been arrived at. Using a literature review and a theoretical framework, they have tried to answer questions about whether there is a link between sustainable development and research methodology. They want to know if this is true.

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