Impact Of Working Environment On Job Satisfaction

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Lecturer Ovais Vohra , Dr.Mustafa Özyeşil , Dr.Esin Benhür Aktürk


Companies in the current period encounter several difficulties as a result of the versatile conditions of the business environment. One of a company's many struggles is to fulfill its personnel to adapt to a dynamic environment, accomplish goals, and stay competitive. The company must meet the needs of the staff by delivering a conducive working environment to maximize productivity, performance, efficiency, and work engagement. The goal of this article is to investigate the influence of the work environment on work engagement and career fulfillment. The research used a quantitative approach. A self-administered investigation form was developed to gather data. The survey is grounded on a valid and reliable research study. The targeted audience includes educational institutions, the banking industry, and the telecom sector in Quetta, Pakistan. Statistics from 210 staff members are gathered using a simple random sample. Giving to the results, a connection exists between job satisfaction and the company's environment. The report found some suggestions, comprising the importance for enterprises to recognize the benefits of a healthy atmosphere in optimizing employee satisfaction. This paper has the opportunity to boost the community by inspiring workers to participate more in their professions while also assisting them in their self-improvement.  As a result, employees should be encouraged to collaborate to accomplish the company's aims and

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