A Comprehensive Review On The Role Of Rewarding Systems In New Public Management Performance: The Case Of Dubai Government Excellence Program (DGEP)

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Bouchra Fninou , Nasser A. Saif Almuraqab


Due to fast pace of globalization and competitiveness Dubai government came to realize the importance of innovative government in this era of globalization. This study aims to analyze the role of the rewards system of the Dubai Government Excellence Program (DGEP). Based on an extensive literature review, a conceptual model has been developed. The study has adopted both primary and secondary research methods to analyze the drivers and management of the DGEP, as well as the role of the program with a particular focus on the reward system in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the Dubai government’s operational excellence. The DGEP and the reward system have demonstrated considerable amounts of positive results. Most importantly, its role in strengthening the skills of UAE employees has been phenomenal. This is an award intended exclusively for UAE nationals despite the government’s announcement saying that the award is for all employees of the Dubai government. Its implicit objective is to promote Emiratis in the government employment system and to develop a pool of competent and efficient national staff. Furthermore, a conceptual model has been designed. Also, the study discussed the impact of the reward system, followed by the limitations and future research.

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