Characteristics Of Bullying Perpetrators And Bullying Victimization At The Indonesians Schools; A-Review

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Shahzad Ali , Prof. Dr. Nurul Hartini , Dr. Nono Hery Yoenanto


In educational settings around the globe, bullying is one of the main issues. Especially, at the school level, bullying becoming a cause of creating an environment that is not comfy. Particularly, this literature review study on bullying behavior in the context of Indonesian schools where previous studies have proven the effects of bullying between peer groups that lead victims to poor survival experiences. The current study aims to look into the findings of past investigations regarding bullying by adopting a literature review approach. The literature of the current study was taken from quantitative and qualitative research work that has been conducted by several scholars in recent years. There were 70 articles obtained by searching through all the above-mentioned search engines. Thus, on criteria grounds, 20 investigations have been selected for attaining the literature review. The mentioned findings demonstrate that perpetrators' role in bullying, school environment, parental involvement, and victims are associated with one another. The majority of the previous findings exposed male students were more vigorously involved in bullying than females. But, a recent study in Jambi (East Java) exposed that in some circumstances female students are dominated as perpetrators. These findings interpret that educational authorities should come forward and introduce anti-bullying interventions. Meanwhile, while writing this study, the authors have found gaps such as teachers' ignorance of mocking, and the family environment acquired to investigate deeply as well.

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