Settlement Of Cases Of Serious Human Rights Violations From The Perspective Of Local Wisdom In Indonesia

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Hendro Dewanto


This aims of the article to discusss settlement of cases of serious human rights violations from the Perspective of local wisdom in Indonesia. This paper is a normative legal research that is more directed to research on legal principles. Where the focus of the author is what are the obstacles in handling cases of gross human rights violations in Indonesia and how the concept of resolving cases of serious human rights violations in the perspective of local wisdom is. In this perspective, law enforcement by investigators and investigators of gross human rights violations is directed at law enforcement that pays attention to local wisdom. Where the results of the study show that the obstacles in the settlement of gross human rights, one of which is that the investigative agency and the investigator are two different institutions, often the investigator's conclusion is different from the investigator's conclusion regarding the presence or absence of serious human rights crimes in an incident and Law no. 26/2000 concerning the Serious Human Rights Court does not contain provisions governing the settlement of possible differences of opinion between investigators and investigators. Settlement of gross human rights violations can be resolved with local wisdom which leads to benefits in law enforcement.

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