Cognitive Shyness Among Preparatory School Students

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Asst. Inst.Maryam Muhammad Saeed Jassim , Prof. Dr. Dhuha Adil Mahmood Al-Ani


The present study aims at identifying: 

  1. Cognitive shyness among Preparatory school students.

  2. The statistically significant differences in cognitive shyness among preparatory school students according to the gender variable (males - females).

     To achieve the objectives of the research, the research community was determined by preparatory school students in the six directorates of education in the Baghdad governorate, with its two sides, Karkh and Rusafa, whose number is (309284), where the researcher chose a sample from the research community in a simple random way amounting to (384) male and female students from secondary and preparatory schools in the city of Baghdad and from its six departments.

    For the purpose of measuring the variables of the research, the researcher built two measures, namely the construction of the (cognitive shyness) measure, which consisted of (46) items in its final form and three components: (self-occupation, contradiction in perception, poor verbal fluency).   

The research reached the results the following:

  1. The research sample has a low level of cognitive shyness.

  2. There is a difference in cognitive shyness according to the gender variable (males, females) and in favor of males.

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