Strategic Foresight And Its Impact On Strategic Agility: An Analytical Study Of The Opinions Of A Sample Of University Leaders In Private Universities In The Middle Euphrates Region

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Liqaa Hussein Flaih , Ihsan Dahesh Chalab


The current study aims to identify the impact of strategic foresight through its dimensions (environmental scanning capabilities, strategic selection capabilities, integration capabilities) on strategic agility and its dimensions (strategic sensitivity, strategic response, strategic learning), as the study problem represented a number of questions with the aim of identifying intellectual frameworks of its variables, and then diagnosing the level of interest in them in the field, as well as identifying the appropriate procedures by the organization, and two main hypotheses were developed and several hypotheses were branched from them to measure the level of correlation and influence. Adoption of the questionnaire as a main tool in collecting data related to the field aspect of the research, and the sample size was (149). Several statistical methods were used in the research, such as standard deviations, arithmetic averages, and structural equation modeling with the help of statistical programs (SPSS.var.27, (AMOS.var.26) and a set of conclusions were reached, the most important of which is that strategic foresight has a correlation and a significant effect in Strategic agility, and concluded the research with a set of recommendations and suggestions..

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