The Reforms Of Tiberius Gracchus And Their Aftermath In The Roman Republican Era (133 - 121 BC)

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Asmaa Mahmood Ahmed , Prof. Dr. Ghassan Abad Saleh


Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus (163 - 133 BC), one of the prominent figures in the Roman Republic. He held several political positions, the most important of which was the tribunal of the year 133 BC. He enjoyed a good reputation among the Roman people.  and small proprietors, and his project later became a law known as the Sempronius Land Code, and as a consequence; He quarreled with the Sanato to implement all the provisions of the law, and as a result he was killed, on the pretext that he incites a revolution against the Sanato, to begin after that the events and repercussions that accompanied the killing of Tiberius Gracchus until the year 129 BC.

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